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Principle Desk

"Education for living is no education, Education for life is the real education" - 

I feel privileged to be the Principal of Krishna Sudarshan public school. It is the school that stands for excellence in life and sets the high standard for school education. 


The school was established by Aacharya Shree Sudarshan Jee Maharaj for providing the school education for children of Bihar who can compete with any student in any field any where in the world.



Nature of school education is rapidly changing across the world. New curricula and new approaches intermixed with Indian cultural value equipped with thinking of its founder Aacharya Shree Sudarshan Jee Maharaj sets an environment that produce highly balanced personality in our students. The changing socio-economic condition in which the children are growing creates pressure on the values, purpose and the role of school education. Keeping it in view, we prepare our students in their formative years and equip them with great cultural Indian value that would govern their choices in their life. Real education does not provide answers rather create curiosity in the mind of students to find the answers for themselves and within themselves. Education is the foundation stone of life and the school system as a whole helps the child to discover and explore what they are why they are and how can they self support and sustain along
with others. It also helps in production of qualitative human resources who can be a better human being in serving their society. With blessing of Aacharya Shree Sudarshan Jee Maharaj the founder and thinker, I as a friend, philosopher and guide of my students try my level best to provide education that is the need of students in 21st century. I am open to students, parents, guardians and all well-wishers
for their creative suggestion and guidance in running the school.


With Thanks!